An adaptable working hub


Size: 21,000 sq ft
Location: Millennium Tower

photo credit: Helcim



Long term adaptation to the rapid pace of technology. A fixed physical environment would not accommodate the shifting and morphing of projects and tasks for Helcim, a Calgary born tech firm. Helcim’s innovative executives challenged the designers to develop modern, creative, unique space to showcase the next generation work environment.



Design with intention to reflect their incredible grasp on their values. For Helcim, each space doubles or triples in function. Stream-lined in efficiencies and supporting untethered technology, the approach is to accommodate both community and solo tasks. Fostering the company’s culture, employees engage in the vision and control their own mobile, digital preferences.



The space employs flexibility and collaboration. Taking cues from airport lounge design, the entry collab-café is a hub space that buzzes with energy. It evokes a feeling of connection and a sense of arrival, and also of people going places. These same characteristics translate to Helcim’s values and allow employees to bond.