707 5th – FLOOR 7

Technology or Professional Services

Functional, efficient, and technological, in a beauty of a building.


Size: 9,956 sq ft
Location: 707 5th



Be at the forefront of office design.

Designing a large show suite during the pandemic, the challenge was to imagine the altered requirements of the workforce and create a new work environment where smiles would be seen and work would be efficient.



Create an impact, use colour

Historically, substantial global events lead to the emergence of art and design trends. In this case, colour and stimulating social features prevail. We played with plants and collaboration spaces, curved glass mimicking the building’s exterior, attractive lighting and furniture, and flooring transitions with colour for wayfinding.



Momentum for leasing. Agility may be the single highest priority for workplaces in the future. An interconnected workplace provides a diverse range of settings and a variety of options for people to enjoy while sitting, standing, or moving throughout their day; with choice and control over how and where they work.


Take a virtual tour of the space here