Where dreams and reality converge.
An elegant showcase of creativity immersed against the harsh restraint of the city skyline.
A welcoming hub for innovation and creation.
The sky is the limit.


Size: 5,000 sq ft
Location: Eighth Avenue Place



Create a space that is a functional office and a stunning showroom.

Intended to be a cloud amongst the architecture of downtown Calgary, the Shearer Design Studio and Showroom aims to capture the dichotomy of the convergence of dreams and reality, of the harsh restraint of the city skyline against the wild openness of the prairies, and to showcase all aspects of the work our designers do.



Highlight employee health throughout all levels of the design. Ensuring our employees work in a healthy environment was of paramount importance, therefore incorporating WELL standards throughout the design was a focus from the beginning. From right-to-light to acoustic control and spaces to gather, our design highlights how functionality can be beautiful.



A hub for the industry. The welcoming reception showcases the latest and greatest in commercial furniture and welcomes guests into the space. From there we are transported past the boardroom and meeting room into the office proper. Height-adjustable workstations feature prominently, while break-out areas occupy the windows. This flow of movement and flexibility of spaces allows all users (guests and employees) to find a space that suits their mood.