We have arrived at somewhere special


Size: 39,200 sq ft
Location: 239 8th Ave SW



Big brand in a classy setting. Working with a historical building while bringing the National Bank brand to the forefront. Welcoming and inspiring to all that enter. Detailing and unexpected design elements that wow visitors, attract and retain talent and create the destination of choice clientele.


Inform and celebrate what we do. Working with the Facilities group from Toronto over the years, it was clear this new space is about volume and solidity, with a classic modern vocabulary. Art Deco references are interspersed to highlight historical features. Grounding the space is a stone desk and iconic seating. Above the logo-inset floor, a custom fixture cascades, eye-catching to showcase the exquisite mural above.



Client engagement. The main floor was designed with private banking in mind as is evident in the high-end design of the ironwork, inlaid floor, as well as multiple original art pieces. These traits cannot be reduced by time moving forward, nor removed by current design and technology trends.