Creating  space for continued ‘growth and prosperity’


Size: 34,000 sq ft

Location: Centre 10



Improve productivity through efficiency of space. Mawer wanted to bring together their employees which were scattered across seven different floors due to their continuous growth.



Collaborate at every turn. We facilitated surveys of all the different business groups to understand their unique needs. By consulting with them early on not only did we have the benefit of their input but they felt connected to the solution. We took employees through a series of change management seminars which helped everyone understand how the new shared space would function. That, along with a cafe located in the very centre of the office helped to bring a sense of community and cohesion to the company.



Fresh space with open culture. “This project was championed throughout the company as a great opportunity to create fresh space that fits our collaborative and open culture. Shearer not only created an impeccable design they were instrumental in taking things from concept to reality.” Client Comment