Creating a ‘proud and equal’ workplace culture


Size: 160,000 sq ft
Location: 11063 14th Street NE



Driving ‘empowerment and inclusivity’. Mindful in their design and entire process, Hexagon knew exactly what they wanted but weren’t sure on what it actually looked like. They wanted to encourage a more social and connective culture. They wanted to promote equality. They believe design matters, that a great environment matters and that pride matters.



Evolving through both ‘technical and human’ aspects.

Technical: A predominantly strong technical project including security and electrical design consisting of hardware labs, software labs and servers required solid interaction between the designers, the developer and Hexagon.

Human: The impressive staff café was designed for interactive culture, as the facility can hold up to 600 staff. Wellbeing is promoted by offering a gym and bike storage. Designers integrated user application images that reflect what is important to the employees, such as mountain scenery in the elevators to simulate the natural environment.



‘Proud of what we achieved’

“It is very satisfying to see it all come together and to see the employees using the space as it was designed to be used. All that upfront work and thought definitely paid off and I am very proud of what we achieved with your help. Well done!!!”