Technology or Professional Services

Create impact and get noticed


Size: 25,000 sq ft
Location: Hines First Tower



An example of quality and value.

Building a full-floor suite to demonstrate a technology or professional services user within a moderate budget, where furniture is also brought to full relevance and functionality.



Address the need to bolster employee attraction. Intended to showcase the next generation of office and engagement in the changing workforce. We differentiate the tenant experience by pushing spatial boundaries between heads-down work and collaboration; creating spaces that allow for hiding effectively, but being able to seek someone as quickly as required to team up and work together.



Momentum for leasing. Repositioning the building with elevated tenant amenities, the 20th floor’s front-end reception blends into a large staff bistro; a place for doing business which is situated close to an innovation lab and meeting rooms. These multifunctional spaces become crossroads where people can socialize and create. Multifunctional seating and technology allow a range of users and activities to take place, with a view.