A work-hard, play hard environment


Size: 23,535 sq ft
Location:Eighth Avenue Place



Create a space for heads-down work, plus fun amenities.

Calgary-born creators of drilling software, Peloton was challenged to transform the EAP floor to a space where they participate in different yet complementary environments; first to work hard, then reap the benefits with play.



Fun up front, business in the back. A reimaged concept pushing the limits for office socialization and collaboration. The solution was to have the boardroom side of the entry lead to the adaptable workstations and glass-front offices, while the opposing direction leads to innovation space which doubles for socializing.



It’s a place where innovation is born. The welcoming reception is adjoined to the collab-café but the fun does not stop there. Enter secret door and one emerges into a moody lounge and stunning bar. Pull up a comfortable stool or sit in a window banquet. Engage with co-workers and discuss innovative developments.