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Innovation, and motivation for back-to-office enjoyment and productivity. For this Calgary-rooted office which prides themselves on innovation, designing within WELL Standard certification meant addressing acoustics, air quality, safety, lighting, activity and mindfulness, water and nourishment. A connection to local culture and relationships manifested in the design concept of Alberta Landscape, while holding true to the corporate brand.



Conceptualize the simplicity of the rolling foothills to the dramatic wilderness of the rocky mountains. Meaning and sense of place are found in the Mountain Chalet collaboration space, the Rise Café and the Welcome Lounge. Acoustics were highly regarded for the boardrooms and meeting rooms, as well as open workstations. High quality finishing and furniture adds an extra level of excellence.



A stunning office with spectacular views. Rise Café and Welcome Lounge are combined overlooking an expansive span of the city. Use of corporate green was realized with the immaculate island in green marble which is the hub of the office, used for impromptu meetings and social events. This office is a timeless, sophisticated showcase of the beauty and resiliency of the West.