Size: 82,500 sq. ft.
Location: Eau Claire Tower


The client’s main objective from the project’s conception was to ensure their 3 floors of new construction was designed to foster relationships and allow all of the teams to come together as a cohesive group despite their varying workflows and functions.



An internal stair was planned around the central staff bistro and was built to support Birchcliff’s company culture. This interconnection allowed the bistro hub space to be conveniently accessed by all team members across the organization promoting the team culture and collaboration. The function and flow of the bistro was an extremely important component to achieve the project’s goals and was looked at in great detail – right down to where to place the butter for the toast station.
Keeping the client’s goals in the forefront from design through to construction instilled confidence in the design decisions made and assisted the client to know that decisions were made to recognize the environment the company wanted to create for their staff. Post-occupancy use of the large bistro demonstrates that the challenges were met with an effective and well utilized solution.