Real Estate

Size: 4,312 sq. ft.
Location: Royal Bank Building



Brookfield armed the designers with a vacant suite, a monetary allowance, and free rein to build the office of the future; to showcase a next generation work environment.



The concept is a series of flexible spaces to enable a daily or hourly choice of where users want to work. Millennials want to be in control and mobile technology is their platform. The surroundings, be it a soft chaise lounge, a coffee counter or a standing-height desk, complement their digital preferences. They can team up or work individually. The space helps to create a work-life balance and career happiness on their own terms.


Client Comments:

“The idea was to create some “buzz” around what can be done in a classic downtown office building. For a tenant looking for modern, collaborative, creative, unique space, it shows what can be created, and downtown really is the easiest place for leaders and their employees to get to.”