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At Shearer, interior design is about more than selecting light fixtures or looking at fabric swatches. Our employees are interior architects, designers, workplace strategists, and project managers united by a belief in the power of a space to impact business outcomes. It’s why we don’t just start talking to our clients about office space, we start asking them about their culture, their challenges, and their vision. Once we have that understanding we get to work creating a space that is not only visually pleasing, it also furthers their business objectives. This unique approach is why we have two decades of experience, a portfolio of award-winning projects, and a whole lot of clients who couldn’t be happier in their new offices.




We’ll take you from vision to execution

From the first utterance of “we need to do something about the office” until years after your business has been inhabiting its new space, we are here to support your organization, and ensure value is maximized along the way. Designing an amazing new space for your company is part of the work we do, but our expertise and experience extends far beyond the design phase. We do everything from assisting your leasing broker in determining the right space, to coordinating the various engineers and consultants your specific project requires. We’ll guide your business through workplace strategies unique to your desired focus, such as workplace wellness, change management, and oftentimes something as simple as how to inhabit your new space. Essentially whatever the scope of your project is, not only can we manage it, we probably have a few examples of similar projects in our portfolio. It’s why your organization can rest assured that Shearer will take the time to thoroughly understand the problem, and then design a solution that not only supports your day-to-day business objectives, but helps achieve them.






Good Design is a Good Translation

Our efficiently designed process has been honed over the many years we’ve been in business. And the end result? Creating a design that perfectly suits your organization.

Step One:
Immerse & Collaborate


With every client the first thing we do is learn about your specific needs using our vast experience to make sure the process is both efficient and effective. We know the questions to ask to make sure we understand the intricacies of the problem.

Step Two:
Design & Strategize


Design is an answer to a problem. When we’ve taken the time to thoroughly understand the problem, the design feels intuitive and building consensus internally isn’t the struggle it otherwise would be.

Step Three:
Coordinate & Execute


At this stage we move forward with an approved plan but with the firmly held belief that project management requires as much creativity as the initial design. There are always unforeseen obstacles, our strength lies in our ability to anticipate and mitigate them in creative ways.


Services Available:

Lease Assistance
plans and budgets


Branding & Culture
discovery and application


Workplace Strategy
visioning and change management


Space Planning


Design Development
in depth requirements


Renderings and Presentation


Furniture procurement


Construction Drawings


Tendering Process


Project Execution &
construction administration